Your Guide on how to claim your jpmiles you missed to claim

Flying to your favourite destination can be a great experience if you build associations with the leading airways. Investing in Jet Airways can be beneficial, as you can fly off to your dream destinations anytime. In case you own a ‘JetPrivilege’ account, you will also gain the opportunity to buy top-ups, thereby enjoying the privilege for prolonged periods.

When it comes to making claim to jet airways claim missing miles, you will need to follow certain crucial aspects. Without the right tips, it’s quite difficult to get the claims. Breeze through the article for in-depth information and targeted tips.

Opting for Jet Airways

Traveling in Jet Airways is undoubtedly a unique experience. Apart from a comfortable journey, Jet Airways provides unmatched customer service and delicious food. You can make the most of JP miles and enjoy convenient rides to various places. However, it’s right here that you will need effective tips. Here we go!

Know terms and conditions

Without in-depth knowledge of the regulations and terms, it won’t be possible for you to nail down the right decision. Here are some conditions you must fulfill to raise the Jet Airways claims:

  • Make sure you raise claims for Jet Airways flights taken 180 days before the present date. If you are travelling by Jet Airways partners the same conditions will prevail. In addition, make sure you don’t exceed the enrollment date.
  • You will face difficulties in raising claims if the name on the ticket is different from that present on the membership card. Check it beforehand and make sure everything is correct.
  • Automated check-ins are imperative in this case. You might have to check Jet Airways rules and regulations to find out the process for manual stations.

These tips will help you deal with the claim process successfully. It’s always better to jot down the important points than doing things randomly.

Steps to follow

. Once you know the tips and steps to follow, it will be extremely simplified to get the job done and have the claim credited to your account. Check out the crucial tips right here:

Step 1: Visit the Jet Airways website and register yourself as a ‘privilege’ member.

Step 2: Once you are through with the first step, make sure login to the site and get your ‘Jet Airways’ privilege number.’

Step 3: You will have to send an email to the ‘member services.’ The email id for your reference is Your email should contain in-depth information on these aspects:

  • Airport arrival
  • Airport departure
  • Date
  • Jet Privilege Membership Number

Along with the information, make sure attach copies of the boarding pass, invoice, and e-ticket. That will be enough to get the claim easily and promptly.

Get, set, go!

Have you already packed your bags for the next big tour? Here’s the perfect opportunity to turn it into a grand success. Follow these important tips, raise the claims successfully, and get cheap travel flights from Jet Airways.