Desert Safari Cost in Dubai

The expense of a desert safari tour in Dubai is very affordable. I went to Dubai to do business a few weeks ago and my activity was more than I ever imagined. I intended to stay at my hotel, go to meetings, work online and then return to the airport. However, my plans were delayed when my flight was cancelled and rescheduled for the next day. To pass the time, I booked an afternoon safari in the desert and I am very glad I did it. My desert safari started with a luxury SUV picking me up in my hotel room. I chose a vehicle that I had never travelled before, so when it appeared I started to get very excited. The vehicle I got was comfortable and equipped with the appropriate safety devices. In addition, the driver was experienced and trained. There is no doubt that the cost of the safari in the desert of Dubai was worth what I paid, if only for the safety of the vehicle in which I travelled. The luxury SUV was not only safe, but fun. Then, the desert safari Dubai took me to a place where I could ride on the back of a camel. That was an incredible experience. Then, I was able to get traditional henna painting on my hands. The painting should last a few days so that my family can see it when it finally gets home. Finally, they offered me dinner. The buffet dinner was a five star buffet that filled my stomach with a variety of perfect meals for my last great meal in Dubai. This experience was better than the room service at my hotel.

While I was in Dubai on business, I am glad that my flight has been delayed. The cost of the desert safari in Dubai was an affordable way to spend the night that would otherwise have happened in my hotel room by going to bed early or working. The trip gave me the opportunity to rest after a long week of hard work. Even though I wanted to get angry about a delayed flight, I did my best by booking an afternoon safari in the desert. I was able to go up at sunset and it was very fun. The next time I’m in Dubai safari deals on business I’ll make sure I save time for an affordable desert safari because the cost is right for my budget. The experience is something I am anxious to tell my family and I am sure they will be jealous of not having been able to accompany me. The henna painting in my hands will love it and will really help to paint the image of the whole experience. The cost of the desert safari in Dubai was an easy price to pay for such a memorable experience.

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