Things to Consider while Planning a Desert Safari Tour

Desert safari tours are one of the top activities to do in Dubai. However, planning a tour requires a lot of research and consideration. There are a number of options and packages available online that makes it difficult to choose the right tour deal. Almost all the packages offer similar services but at different price. You need to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. That’s why here are some tips you should consider while planning a desert safari tour.

Time of the Year

As we know, Dubai is extremely hot and no one wants to travel a desert in the middle of summer. You need to consider the time of year very carefully before planning your tour. There is no winter in the Middle East but the months from November to March are relatively less hot. Tourism in Dubai is high at this time of the year. You should plan your Dubai tour in these months when you can enjoy a Dubai and desert experience in the company of other tourists.

Morning or Evening Tours

There are two types of desert safari deals offered by the traveling companies. Most people choose Evening Desert Safari Deals because they are longer and include more activities like fire shows, belly dances, BBQ dinner etc. The evening tours start at around 6 pm and ends around 10 pm. During this time you can enjoy the sunset views of the desert as well as camel riding.

Morning tours, on the other hand, are relatively shorter. They start at around 9 am and ends at 12 in the noon. Instead of a BBQ dinner, you can enjoy a delicious Arabian breakfast. Plus morning tours include hot air balloon ride which is usually not include in evening desert safari tours.

Price of the Deals

While looking for tour deals, you will see that some are really cheap while others are highly expensive. All the tours basically offer the same activities but the cost of deals depends on the services. Remember that high quality service does not come at a cheap price so be ready to pay a huge sum if you want excellent service. Desert Safari price ranges from 60 AED to 300 AED. You are basically paying for the services such as shared or private camps, the quality of the food and hygiene facilities.

Means of Transportation

You know you secured the best deal when a Land Cruiser comes to your hotel to pick you up. But if your travel company tells you to take a bus with a bunch of other people, it’s a fair indication that your desert experience is not going to be good. Most travel companies offer SUVs to their customers because they allow a safe sand bashing experience. The ride lasts for about half an hour of pure adrenaline rush. The ride is very exciting if you hired the best company with experienced drivers but this same ride turns dangerous if you get a cheap tour deal.