How to Plan for Morocco Desert Tours Yourself

All of us at some point in all life carve abandon and want to throw away everything that we have worked so hard to achieve. This impulse can be very dangerous in the long run but fortunately this impulse can be tamed with the help of traveling. It is recommended by experts that people should plan a trip or take a vacation every now and then in order to live a healthy life.

Morocco desert tours and visiting the Sahara can a good choice if you are planning a vacation. However, if you dislike the predictability and security that guided tours provide then you can do this individually as well. But it never hurts to stock up your arsenal with valuable information and knowledge that will help you get through the Sahara. Below are some steps you can consider while formulating your desert trip.

Choosing your Destination

Choosing which sand dunes to visit should be your first step while planning this trip. There are two Saharan Ergs that are available for tourism, one is called Erg Chebbi and the other is Erg Chigaga. Both of them are situated are remote regions of the Sahara desert. You can visit one of these two dunes

How to get there?

The next question you should consider is how to reach your destination. You will need a lot of guidance in this matter as planning your route is the most important step. You will land in one of the capital cities of Morocco, mainly Marrakesh or Fes. You can ask the locals or Marrakesh Fes desert tour guides to help you map out your route.

Consider the Timing

You will need to be especially careful about the timing. You will need to decide before hand on how much time you are going to spend on your resting stops. Traveling by car or quad bike will be faster as compared to Marrakech camel trek which is slower but allows you more time to enjoy your surroundings. People prefer camel trek to quad biking simply because camel trekking is the main attraction of desert life. Also, quad bikes can break down or run out of gas in the middle of desert which will cause problems for you.

Expenses of your Trip

You should set a budget for your trip and limit the amount of money you spend in the desert. You also need to figure out how much all the transportation, food and overnight stays will cost you.