Stop and ask these important questions before renting an RV

Have you been dreaming of booking an RV for your upcoming outdoor trip? If you are not interested in making a huge investment in buying a new RV, you always have the option of renting one. In fact, this is one of the best ways of having the  experience of traveling in an RV and not busting your budget. With the ease of renting an RV, anyone can go through the experience of traveling in an RV.

If you too are thinking of trying one, make sure you stop and ask the vital questions listed below so that you end up making the best decision for your trip.

Question #1: Where to go for renting an RV?

The location where you reside will have an impact on the RV rental options from which you choose. If you live in a smaller town, you may have to search for RV in nearby cities to get whatever you’re looking for. You have to watch out for the nearest RV rental options before you move to somewhere further. Look for places which offer camper and RV rentals and compare and contrast rates.

Question #2: What kind of RV do you need to rent?

There are different factors which you need to take into account while deciding the type of RV you should choose. They are:

  • Members: If you and your spouse are going to travel, you could adjust with a pop-up trailer which can fit up to 4 members.
  • Budget: How much rent can you afford to pay for the RV or for a bigger motorhome?
  • Season: Will you plan the trip during poor weather conditions? You may find it tough to navigate in a big motorhome, as the chances of spinning out on the ice will be higher.
  • Style of camping: Are you boondocking or are you a glamper? In case you love glamping, you will most probably need more facilities like television, air conditioning and much more.

Question #3: Where exactly would you wish to go camping?

The nature of camping that you’re interested in will also decide on the kind of RV you have to rent. In fact there are few rental companies which set strict restraints on the type of roads that the vehicles should drive on. However, for backcountry adventures, you won’t require a big RV. Would you want to navigate the Rocky Mountains with a mammoth-sized RV? Certainly not! If you aren’t experienced, you shouldn’t take the risk.

Question #4: Would you require a special license?

In the vast majority of cases, your normal driver’s license will work while renting an RV. However, you should still ask the company to ensure whether or not the company has any further licensing requirements. Also ask if there are any kinds of restrictions on age while renting the RV from the company. What is the minimum and maximum age to rent? This can differ from one state to another, and could be as high as 26 or as low as 21.

Question #5: Do you require insurance coverage for this?

Yes, you have to double check with the insurance policy to know whether or not they’re covering an RV rental. You may be required to get insurance from the rental company in the case that the insurance doesn’t cover the RV rental. Once the insurance coverage is there, you need to read through everything and understand things properly. Ask things in case there is doubt, but also don’t take things for granted.

Before you rent an RV, make sure you ask the above listed questions and get worthy answers so that you are sure about the steps that you’re taking. But most of all, enjoy your trip and make it memorable.