The Best Kept Secret on Accommodation in Sydney, Australia

If you’ve just booked a trip to Sydney then you probably are already feeling good, perhaps even excited, perhaps even scared and wondering why you just did that but don’t worry, that feeling will pass as you start to realize that booking a trip to Sydney is only the beginning of an adventure, an adventure that you will want to re-live over and over again.

The fun in the sun, on the white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea, exploring the surrounding areas of the city, delving deep into the heart of the central business district and finding great places to hear live music, eat great food and hang out with friendly Sydneysiders.

Considering your accommodation options

That’s the trip taken care of, now have you considered the accommodation options? Where are you going to stay while enjoying yourself in Sydney? Well, many would just choose a hotel, any hotel would do, right? As long as it’s cheap, as long as it has a bed you’re alright, but are you? It’s all very well booking into a hotel but there are other, much more comfortable short term options on the market.

For example, have you considered renting a fully furnished apartment in Sydney? This could be the perfect option for the short term in Sydney.

The furnished property market is a fantastic alternative to hotels and you really get a sense of freedom and a taste of what it’s like to actually LIVE in Sydney as opposed to just staying there for a short time. Many tourists who book trips to Sydney are unaware of this alternative to hotels and how cheap it actually is to book these apartments.

The best choice in short term accommodation

One of the foremost sites to find short term accommodation in Sydney is, on the site you can find links to dozens of fully furnished apartments in various locations. Some of these apartments are located in some of the prime locations that Sydney has to offer such as Bondi Beach, the Sydney Central Business district and the waterfront. You can choose from a studio apartment to 3 bedroom properties.

There’s also the shared accommodation option that is freely available in these apartments. This way, you and several friends can experience Sydney and have great accommodation without the bother of booking several hotel rooms and there’s also the privacy aspect that comes into play. With a hotel you have very limited privacy, some would argue you have none at all as, in essence, you are only renting a room in a building. That room is tiny compared to the price you might be paying for that room and when you consider the amount of space you get with a furnished property, then you realize you are getting a lot more for a lot less.

The fully furnished apartment option

If you have a large family, then the furnished property option is the ideal one for you, booking several hotel rooms can be stressful and sometimes there might not even be rooms available so you end up having to book two separate hotels and that puts a downer on the holiday somewhat as you have to compromise on accommodation. With a fully furnished rental apartment, that’s something you never have to do. You can keep your entire family, well the ones that are coming to Sydney with you, under one roof in a better location than a hotel might offer.

If you want to be near the beach, you can be near the beach with a furnished property, if you want to be in the thick of it down in city centre then there are plenty of furnished property options offered by in that area.

So the benefits of renting a fully furnished apartment outweigh the benefits offered by your bog standard hotel by far. You have your own place to stay, complete with kitchen, living room and bedroom at an entirely reasonable rate compared to a hotel. It’s surprising more people aren’t aware of this accommodation option in Sydney.