Tips to Gain Confidence After Theory Test Failure and Start Preparing for Retest

Government statistics reveal that only 47.7% men and 51% women passed the driving theory test. Unfortunately, if you are not in this list then this can be demoralizing. However, in recent years, pass rates are dwindling because tests are becoming tougher.

Here are tips to gain confidence back so get inspired, and book your theory test today!

Review the feedback

You may have experienced issues in the multiple-choice section of theory test. Feedback will be given on those questions, which you answered incorrectly. Sometimes, you will notice that the questions you answered wrong belong to a single area like braking distances or road signs. You will need to consider this weak area and this can help you to gain successful outcome in the re-test. Even though it is doubtful that you will get similar questions but you will be gaining knowledge on an equally extensive range of topics.

Hazard perception section of theory test is a video based format, so unfortunately there will be no feedback given on where you were wrong. However, you will realize the mistake on your own that where you were early or late to spot the hazard.

Concentrate on your revision

Equipped with analysis of weak areas, it is time to soak yourself in lots of theory knowledge reading the Highway Code, relevant books, and observations in your practical driving sessions. Focus more on those areas, where you made mistakes in your prior test. However, don’t forget to refresh your memory on those topics you surpassed at, as well.

Practice time management

Unfortunately, there are some candidates, who have plenty of theoretical knowledge but get stressed out in the exam room. This can cause an immense distraction in their timing.

In multiple-choice segment you will need 43 right answers out of 50 questions asked. You are given 57 minutes, which means you get 70 sec/point to answer. Time yourself and practice a lot to keep this pace. If you find a specific question difficult never stick to it but move to the next one. Focus yourself on questions you are sure to get correct.

Take a break

You can take a retest after waiting for 72 hours. Even if you get a reservation soon, it is advised to take a break, reflect, review, and revise. Each test costs significantly and repeated expense of unsuccessful trials can add up.

Discuss with your instructor

Never hesitate to ask for tips from your instructor. Driving instructors are in the best position. They know your motoring weaknesses and capabilities, so they may provide support and personalized advice. In addition, experiences of family and friends can also be very supportive.

Try different revision technique

In case, you are getting uninterested in reading the same pages again without soaking anything then it is time to switch to new learning method. Invest some dollars to obtain superior revision material. It will save the cost of retest in future. However, you will save time and focus more on passing. It is the age of tablet and Smartphone. Plenty of interactive ways are available to absorb theory.

Apps are available at a small cost, which includes Hazard perception videos, official DVSA theory questions, the Highway Code, progress monitor & braking distance simulator, road signs, and unlimited mock tests.