Types of CRM applications

The range of CRM applications is so diverse that business owners from all fields can find a solution that works for them. What are CRM applications? It’s simple: they are dedicated software solutions designed specifically for corporate needs, streamlining process and allowing managers to have better control over their businesses. Of course, each CRM software is different and, depending on your needs, you should invest in one that matches you perfectly. As a whole, CRM applications save you time and money, allowing you to automate processes. In more detail, solutions such as https://www.bpmonline.com/crm/applications have features that fall into the following categories:

Lead generation

Leads are very important in the marketing process, because they can turn into paying customers and this way your business can grow and even expand on new markets. Before the advent of CRM software such as bpm’online, lead generation used to be a long and tedious process, but now, it is much simpler. With the help of CRM applications, you can tell potential clients about your company, create a target audience and reach out.

Automate marketing processes

As soon as marketing processes were moved online, marketing because an activity more complex than it already was and this called for advanced solutions. More specifically, marketing automation. There are many tasks that can be streamlined here, but some of the most important include:

  • Organizing marketing campaigns
  • Managing leads
  • Email marketing
  • Reports & analysis

The biggest benefits of CRM marketing automation is that it eliminates human error and offers you a streamline, targeted approach. Strategies are easier to execute thanks to CRM and all departments work together like a well oiled machine.

Customer retention

Customers are hard to obtain, but even harder to keep, because competition is fierce and they can always end your collaboration to choose another company. This is why it is essential to use tools that help retain customers by analyzing their behavior and rewarding their loyalty. Do not neglect this process, because it may cost your business. CRM applications put the customer at the heart of everything and this is an approach that always offers you great results in business.

Enhancing customer experience

No matter how high tech your products are, no customer can be expected to remain loyal if the customer experience leaves much to be desired. With the help of CRM applications, you can take customer experience to the next level and satisfy even the most demanding clients. With everything being automated, you are in full control and the risk of misunderstandings is almost inexistent. Also, each customer has their own profile and each interaction with your company is recorded. If different team members interact with the customer, they still have access to all relevant information, making things easier for the customer and for your staff as well, because customer experience specialists will be able to collaborate better. Apart from the previously mentioned bpm’online, other CRM apps that offers customer experience benefits include: amoCRM, Deltek Vision and Freshdesk.

Sales & service

The notion of sales is oftentimes associated with a salesperson going from door-to-door to approach potential leads or contacting them by phone. However, with CRM apps, the sales process is different. The software can handle sales from start to finish, including ordering and sales forecasting. With CRM, you can take advantage of every opportunity and plan your strategy in advance to obtain the best results possible. In addition to sales, CRM can also handle service. Namely, case management across multiple channels. This way, no matter the size of your company and the situation that you client might encounter, you have a fast, accessible, efficient platform to deal with all requests in a timely manner, reducing waiting times.